Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The final

So here I am blogging at 2am. Have lots to update but shall breakdown into few posts :)

Manage to cope with finals after a torturing week of study! Realized that, to get something you want, you've gotta sacrifice quite abit. There's no easy way out. First 2 days i studied with one of my favourite couple! Chris and Forest! ;) They've helped me alot and I had alot of fun hanging out with them hehe. But they left so soon to aussie to further their studies.
On the last few days, I studied with JJ and eevonn :) we all manage to study last minute! When results came out, I was quite happy with it since I met all the requirement to study in Birmingham! ;D
Actually, this semester is one of the worst semester out of the four. So many things happened. All I can do is to tell myself my priorities and I'm set.
My group even manage to win 2 awards during engineering fair at Taylors University! :)

My TROV group ;)

I was in a rush to change my shirt as I was too damn hungry. After the ceremony, we headed to have steamboat in sunway! :) despite the fact that I didnt sleep for 2 days, I still manage to keep myself active!

Now I'm basically done with Taylors! gonna fly off to birmingham in september! shall update my next post soon! :D

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